The Birdcatcher’s Son (2019)

The Birdcatcher’s Son (2019) Full Movie sebuah film populer yang dirilis di negara ID pada tanggal 2019-04-05 diperankan oleh beragam artis ternama diantara adalah , , , , , sutradara dari film ini adalah film ini mengusung tema untuk durasinya lumayan lama berkisar antara 110 menit dengan kualaitas tinggi sehingga sangat menghibur untuk ditonton bersama keluarga

“The Birdcatcher’s Son” – According to Faroese law, the birdwatcher Esmar will lose his lease within one year, thus forced to leave both his house and his land unless he makes sure he and his wife Johanna have a son. Because Johanna has just given birth to date, they decide what they think is their last and best chance; to jointly find another man who can make Johanna with children.

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Duration: 110 Min


Release Date: 2019-04-05